Toughees have been a trusted children’s school shoe brand since 1954 – a proud heritage for a company that values its high quality products and solid history. . All Toughees school shoes are manufactured locally at our factory in Loskop situated in Kwa Zulu Natal at the base of the Drakensberg mountains.

Designed with active children in mind: their limitless energy means that whether they are running, kicking a football, jumping or zestful fun-times around, their shoes – particularly their school shoes – need to be able to go the distance.

Originally designed to meet the needs of South African school children, many of whom walked long distances to school, Toughees are built to last.

Made with high quality non-polish leather, Toughees are durable, strong, reliable, easy to clean, affordable and offer breathable comfort for growing feet.

Toughees come in a variety of sizes for boys and girls, and feature adjustable straps with buckles, velcro fastenings or lace ups to provide the best possible fit for your child’s feet.

Our Toughees Platinum, approved by the South African Podiatry Association, boasts wider, lighter and more flexible shoes that allow for different foot shapes and encourage foot development that is essential for healthy foot growth.

Four million pairs of Toughees school shoes are sold in South Africa each year, making them the market leader and proving that parents really do vote with their (kids’) feet!

The Toughees range includes: Toughees Classic – the original shoe, Toughees Platinum– podiatry approved styles and Toughees Sport – athletic school shoes

Did You Know?

  • All Toughees come with a 6 Month Guarantee against fair wear and tear
  • All Toughees are made with Genuine Leather Uppers (except for our sports shoes which are made with PU uppers).
  • The New Leather Uppers have an easy-care protective coating.

In consultation with the South African Podiatrist Association, Toughees have developed the Platinum range with a uniquely wide fit to encourage strong foot development. The Platinum range is also lighter, softer and more flexible. For more details visit the SA Podiatrist Association website: