Strong, durable, reliable and affordable! For over 60 years, Bata Toughees have been producing South Africa’s most loved and trusted school shoes. This footwear is comfortable and versatile and allows children to be children when going to school. Active children with their limitless energy, means running, kicking a ball and jumping around and this requires a school shoe that is designed to go the distance.

“Toughees are no longer just shoes but icons,” says Swastika Juggernath, Bata South Africa Marketing Manager. “Bata has developed these shoes taking into consideration the realities of South Africa and the needs and desires of the children wearing them. Through leather construction offering uncompromising quality and benefits for their consumers, Toughees are built to last offering consumers a high-quality product at a competitive price,” added Juggernath.

Not only does Toughees understand these needs, but they allow children to express themselves. The durable design gives them the confidence to move and the modern styles enable them to reflect their true personalities. This gives individuals the courage to express themselves through their feet in a style that’s truly genuine. Toughees come in a variety of sizes for boys and girls. In order to provide the best possible fit for your child’s feet, Toughees feature adjustable straps with buckles, velcro fastenings or lace ups.

The Toughees range includes:

  • The Classic Collection which features the favourite styles as well as some new, yet still traditional choices.
  • The Sports Collection that is perfect for both boys and girls. The shoes are created from the best materials with cushioned outsoles to take all kinds of pressure and they are made strong to last long.
  • The Platinum Collection, made up of podiatry approved styles allow for different foot shapes and encourages foot development.

Toughees continues a tradition made possible by a rigorous and uncompromising commitment to quality – quality materials, quality of workmanship and quality of service. Toughees are made using the construction process which bonds the soles firmly onto the leather uppers so that they can withstand any amount of kicking and flexing.

“In South Africa, rural areas often present harsh conditions, it is important that school shoes not only look good, but are built to last a long time as well. The Toughees shoe has become an integral part of school uniform throughout the country and can be seen in just about every school,” added Juggernath. “Toughees are the leader in school shoes in South Africa – often imitated but never better!”

Bata South Africa, produce Toughees school shoes. The Toughees range is available in retailers countrywide.

Ever wondered how Toughees shoes are made? WIN a trip for your class to visit the Loskop Shoe Factory and find out how. Simply upload a picture of your class below showing us their best Toughees to the Toughees Facebook page. Ts&Cs Apply

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